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  • Nancy Friedman Keynote Speaker

    Jan 28 2022. Hi. Hope you remember me. We love the lotion & never have found anything as good. Gonna order 6 bottles. Thx so much. Nancy Telephone Doctor customer service -St Louis. ❤️☎️❤️

    Review from the Telephone Doctor. 
  • T. Williams

    The goats milk products are amazing. The lotion and soaps are luxurious and smell wonderful! They are great for dry and/or sensitive skin. The chèvre is unbelievably good. It doesn’t get much better than meeting the goats these products come from, except perhaps meeting the exceptionally friendly farmers.

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New Additions!

Our matriarch, Elaine, has once again provided us with three beautiful babies! Two white Doeling and a Buckling with the help of our breeding buck, Radar. We have decided that we will retire Elaine from Breeding as she's the eldest of the herd and although still a great mother, we feel it's time to stop on a high note. Well done, Elaine!

Raw goat milk products made right here in Southern Vermont!

Support local Agriculture.